Tips on how to cut your grocery bill

Tips on saving at the grocery store

Tips on how to cut your grocery bill  

It was not  until I was pregnant with our second child that I realized that we were spending way to much on groceries. Mind you we were not as big on eating healthy as we are now (when we switched to eating healthy our bill went up twice as much)…so we would just wonder up and down the isles picking up whatever looked good and being shocked at how much we spent we we left the store. Since I had planned on staying home with my son …I knew spending crazy amounts a the grocery store would have to change since we were going to a family of 3 to 4 (and we still wanted to stick to a healthy lifestyle) . So I did some research and put to practice what I learned ….Two years later we are spending half than what we were spending (still able to eat healthy ) and it feels great !  Here are some tips that have worked for our family:

Shop sales & mark down sections 

Every week I look at my nearby stores ad, and circle the things I need or could make work for the week. (Even if you eat only organic or gluten free … Stores mark these items down too ) Also the store closest to my home,  mark certain meat items down for crazy cheap (but you have to go at the right time ..which I have yet to figure out lol)… So if it’s not on sale I get enough of different types of meat that is marked down  to last us for the week ..sometimes longer if it’s a great steal.

Stock up

Now I am not saying you need 20 boxes of noodles because you love noodles….but for example if your family likes ketchup and it’s bogo (buy 1 get one ) why not buy enough to last you until it goes one sale again so you are not having to pay full price.


I could seriously go on and on about why you should use coupons…but since this is just tips all I will keep it short…

The best way I have found to use coupons is not just to clip them and run to the store and only get $.50 off a $5 box of( for example) fiber bars … But  wait to use the coupon until the item is on sale (here is where checking your ad helps) so you  can get the most for your coupon …


Say those same bars are on sale for 2/$4 and you have 2 $1 off coupons

By using  both coupons on top of the sale you are now paying $2 for both boxes (or $1 each) instead of the full price of $5 for just one box..  (I will make another post if anyone is interested just on couponing…let me know in the comments)

Be willing to buy store brands

According to consumer reports you can save an average of 25% just by switch to store brands. In the same report they noted that the item work (or tasted) just the same as the name brand item and go on to show different items that the store brand beat out in comparison to the name brand…check it out in the link below

Don’t go to the store hungry and stick to your list!

I don’t know who came up with the saying but I have found it true …if I go to the store hungry (or anyone in my family) I will in fact spend more than I planned. The same goes for not having any idea in mind of what I need (not having a list before i go) … I will end up buying 5 bell peppers because they are on sale and when I come home i realize i still have some  already have them in my fridge. So before I head to the store, I  have a quick snack and, make a list of what I actually need from the items on sale. I would always tell my husband and kids,  if it’s not on the list before we head out …we won’t be getting it …and that may sound harsh but, it is the only way I could make sure we were not just throwing stuff in the cart with out actually needing it.

Final tip

Sign up for store rewards

Many stores have reward programs  that are free to join and give you great  discounts when you shop at their store. Cvs …Walgreens…Winndixie are just a few of the stores that are in my area that offer them… When I first started trying to save I would just ask the store if they offered any kind of reward program and signed up like that ..But I am sure you could just Google and see if your local store offers things like that.

Well I hope these tips where helpful and not overwhelming 🙂

How does your family save on groceries…post in the comments below !

Until next time



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