I did it !


So I  finished my first baby hat last week and, I am really excited how it turned out..so I decided to share :).
I will be totally honest with you though, I attempted to do it ,I guess you would say the “normal way” (without the little ball on the top)but, it was not going to happen. Now, I am not sure if it was because my kids saw that mommy was taking time for herself while they watched a movie ,that it would be the perfect time to ask me a hundred questions ,fight ,swear they where dying from hunger, (even though I fed them before the movie started and ,they were not even five minutes in !)and, thirst (which their cup was full on the counter but they made sure to guzzle it down before asking for more).Nonetheless, after starting over countless times on the hat that was supposed to take 20 min ,I decided that style was not for me. So, I searched for a new style and headed over to my mother’s house (she needed help with something) and, set there until my hat was finished, while the kids entertained themselves (well asked my mom a 100 questions,while entertaining themselves lol ). If you like the style and feel crafty check out the video that finally helped me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSjL7DPMSFY) .(The cool thing about this hat is it turns into a scarf …so you definitely want to check it out !) If you don’t feel crafty but interested in a hat ..send me a email at myerstonisha@gmail.com and we can work out a price for one 🙂
Until next time


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