Dear Mom’s, this is for you !


Do you ever have those days as a mom where you just want to hide in your room with a big bowl of ice cream and wish you could just restart the day? I mean really… I dreamed of being this awesome mom, who would have great kids that never fell out in the middle of the most inappropriate places( restaurants, stores,church ..etc), who would never raise her voice at her kids, or would have a house that looked  like a tornado came through it (even then i spent all day cleaning it). I think it is safe to say I imagined everything would just be perfect. Well than I had kids and, reality sank in. I can not go to the grocery store without one of my kids falling out(even with bribery) … “No” is seriously my son’s favorite word (he is two), my house is NEVER spotless (who would have thought a two year old and a three and half year old could be so messy!!), and I raise my voice more than I ever thought I would. Now before you start to think this is just another mom complaining about how horrible life is as a mom… this is not what this post is about… well completely:) Even if my kids do drive me up a wall sometimes… or I just feel overwhelmed and want to hide in my room with that big bowl of ice cream, I LOVE BEING A MOM. It is a stressful job, but I would never want to give up the morning snuggles, the times they just run up to me and tell me they love me, watching them laugh and play..just watching them grow up in general. I was looking over old videos that I had saved on my Facebook and I was almost in tears, because not only have my kids changed(and grown ) so much , but I felt that maybe I was not appreciating the gifts God had blessed me with. I have two pretty healthy kids (with another one on the way), that don’t see this world as a scary place, but a big adventure. They have a place to lay their head, food to eat, and enjoy literally  stopping to smell the roses (after they pick them). They don’t need big fancy toys, but perfectly happy with playing with boxes those toys would come in. So my husband and I must be doing something right! 🙂

Anyway, I came across this video from the kid president(I love this little guy!)  and  decided to change what this post is about. We as moms, don’t need to be reminded on how hard it is to be a mom. We do however need to be reminded that we rock and it is ok to feel overwhelmed at times:) So to any moms reading this… this is me personally telling you ..YOU ROCK!!! Be sure to share this with any other mom you think needs to hear that she rocks!

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