Easy (no sew) d.i.y hair ties !

If you are anything like me, headbands and hair ties, never last more than a week in our house. I am pretty sure the same person who stole all those missing socks, or the thousand booby pins, has taken my hair ties too. Anyway, I headed out to Target to buy some more and found some super cute ones, but was shocked at how much they cost ($4.99 for 4 hair ties ..is a little to much for my wallet ..did I mention I like to save money ). I decided to head home and figure out a way to make my own.

I will let you in on a little secret this (and all the other projects listed in the picture below ) is a no sew project, so this will be REALLY easy.. I promise 🙂

So here is what you will need:

– a pair of scissors (please don’t laugh at my scissors, my nice ones have also gone missing !)

– a ruler

-some elastic cord  ( my mom found the one in the picture for me at Walmart… but I found mine at Micheal’s and had a 40% of coupon that made it super cheap!)



Now you want to cut 9in of the elastic cord ( if you have a lot of hair like me you may want to use a little more … but this is about the size of the cords you buy in the store)


fold the elastic over and cut the ends at an angle as shown above


finally tie a knot at the end( I will admit that I tried to tie it free hand but was very successful, so i took a circular object and tied a knot that way)


And there you go you have made a hair tie .. Wasn’t it easy ?! I took some cardboard and stuck the hair ties around it to keep it together ..Let’s hope this helps me not lose them!


Here is what the finish project looks like on my daughters head. I also included some pictures of the headbands and bow ties that I made as well (cute right !?)

Well if you decided to be crafty and make these super easy hair ties, please let me know how yours turned out in the comments below.

I thought I share I am thinking of opening up an etsy shop to sell some of my craft ideas … what do you guys think??

Until next time



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