3 ingredient ice cream !

Have you ever planned for a relaxing weekend and it turn into a bunch of unplanned events? Well that is how my weekend (well up till today) was.I must say though, it was totally worth not having a relaxing weekend to feel like we were running around with our heads chopped off :).  Here is one of the projects we got into this weekend! We planted a lot of veggies so far, but hope to add fruit and herbs later on (the little sticks in the dirt are the names of the things we planted.).image

Not anything fancy but hopefully it will help cut down our fruit & vegetable expense 🙂

Moving on to what you really came here for….ice cream !!!
One of my friends is always making yummy desserts in her food processor,and I was never able to try her recipes because I didn’t have one. After months of waiting, I finally got my husband on board with getting one ( plus it was on sale. …so that always helps ;)) and I think he is just as excited as I am about having one.
Any way this recipe is completely made in my brand spanking new processor:) (I read you could also do this in your blender but I personally did not try to make it in there. )

Here is what you need :
-2 cups of frozen strawberries (or any frozen fruit you have on hand )
-1/2 cup of sugar
-2/3 of heavy whipping cream(my mom used Greek yogurt in place of this and said it taste just as good)

Add the strawberries and sugar to the processor. Process until the strawberries are chopped in small pieces. Once that is done, with the processor still on, add the whipping cream slowly until you have gotten it all in there. (I did have to turn my processor off a few times and get all the strawberries off the side …but once the cream got on everything..it was smooth sailing :))


Serve right away or freeze up to a week in your freezer:)


My kids and I loveed this! (Plus it only uses 3 ingredients and 5-10 min to make …how awesome is that ?!)
I do think next time I will replace the cream with the greek yogurt …just for a healthier twist 😉
If you try this recipe please share how it turned out 🙂
What are your favorite ice cream recipes ???

Also if you would like to see some of the yummy recipes my friend makes…head to her blog A forest full of songbirds !

Until next time


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