Who would have thought…

The time has finally come, and up until this point I was excited….now not so much. My daughter will be four the end of this month…which means it is time to start the search for a vpk program. By the time she was two my husband and I had already planned out all the schools she would go to (I am a planner so 2 years in advance did not seem as crazy as it does now ..haha)and everything would be easy….it’s not. Maybe it’s because I am not ready…she has been home with me from birth, and now I am supposed to let her go and learn from someone I don’t know? Or maybe it’s because deep down I want to teach her from home, and never have her worry about someone hurting her feelings ,or some teacher being to hard on her ,or me not being able to help her with homework because it is completely different from when I went to school (yes I know that is way down the line). So I think the problem is really I AM NOT READY (insert crying mom here ) ,because this would  mean the little girl I carried for 9+ months is growing up. What if I  missed some moments being to caught up in everything else and how hard being a parent is …I missed watching her change…
Lets get back on track here before my pregnancy hormones go into full effect and I am crying my eyes out. This last week has been spent looking for the perfect school again. Yes again….the first school we looked at with her and told her would be her school sent us an email that the college was deciding to close that location down (not sure why). So that meant we had to search again and pray we find something that would be a good fit for her. After a lot of digging we found 2 that we really loved and they are completely different from each other. One is a charter school…that goes from vpk -8th. The school has been an A rated school since it opened ,and all the reviews about this school of course is amazing. The only down fall is it uses a lottery system to accept students…which means you have to play the waiting game to see if you are chosen (I hate waiting lol). The other is a Montessori school which also goes vpk-8th. This school also  has great reviews and ratings and uses the kind of teaching style I like (hands on and allows the students to learn at their own pace). However the down fall to this school is there is tuition(in the higher grades)….and a hefty one at that.
Since my husband likes the structure that was shown at the charter school we decided to play the waiting game, and use the Montessori school as a back up. My daughter seems really excited to go to school …(she jumped right in with the other kids at the Montessori school and started doing what they were doing) we will see how she feels once she actually has to go …luckily both schools have an open door policy (which will be great for me) so I can come visit and stay with her as long as I like.
Who would have thought this would be so hard..I can’t imagine what the first day of school is going to look like (well I know there will be a lot of sobbing …a lot of sobbing lol )
How was the first day of class for you ?
Be sure to leave your reply in the comments.
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27 thoughts on “Who would have thought…

  1. I can totally identify with this. We spent a lot of time trying out so many new schools before we found the perfect one. I was so sad when my kids had to start going for the first time.


  2. Choosing a school is so hard! I really didn’t have much of a choice since we have zero non-religious private or charter options here. I want to move somewhere that gives me more choices. My son is in 4th grade and his school has been a nightmare since day one.


  3. I’m not a mom so I’m not sure how I would feel sending my future children to school but I do have several friends whose children go to Montessori schools and they love it!!


  4. I’m not a mom so I’m not sure how I feel about sending my future children to school yet but I do have several friends who’s children go to Montessori schools and they love it!!


  5. My daughter is turning four in the beginning of April so I can totally relate to what you are feeling. She is SO excited and I know I will probably be bawling my eyes out on the first day of school.


  6. This is such an exciting time in your lives. Her personality will grow by leaps and bounds once she’s in school and you’ll be able to see all the little changes that will end up making her who she is meant to be.


  7. Oh wow! How time flies! Well congrats to your adorable one entering school. I remember I brought my video camera and digital camera and was pretty much filming her every step all the way to the classroom. I know…I was like Mommy paparazzi! LOL! 🙂


  8. I also hate waiting a lot. I need to have more patience in life. It’s great that your daughter feels good about school because most kids don’t like the idea of going to school.


    • she is a people person (well most days haha) and loves to learn….so being able to be around kids her age all the time and learn something new …I think helps her want to go to school….I am sure it will change once she realizes it is not just play time …


  9. I completely understand what you’re feeling! Totally normal! This got the best of me and I decided to homeschool. Best decision I ever made for our family. My oldest is now 14 and I have 4 boys that are all 2 years apart. I can relate to having a newborn and a toddler. At one point I was homeschooling with a newborn, 2 yr old, 4 yr old and a 6 yr old! Not sure how I did it but I did and it all turned out just fine. When they are that young school is play, using blocks, singing songs, reading lots is all they need. They will have a greater love for learning if learning is fun! Extra special if its with mama. If your heart is tugging for you to keep her home, prayerfully consider it! You can do it!! Feel free to reach out! 😉


  10. I do not have kids yet so do not know about looking for kids schools but what i have seem from my work colleagues even here in the UK it is the waiting game and it can be tough but i am sure your child will enter the right school


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